“Moms Mabley: My One Last Nerve”

Nov. 19, 20

The Arena Players consistently provide the most enjoyable and communal shows you can catch in Baltimore. In particular "Luther," a play about Luther Vandross, was both a crowdpleaser and a genre-defying biomusical earlier this year—a challenging yet still easy-to-digest night of theater and song. "Moms Mabley: My One Last Nerve" once again finds the Arena Players inhabiting the world of a black legend of entertainment—this time, deeply influential chitlin circuit comedian and vaudeville star Moms Mabley (seen above and played by Sandra Meekins). Witness Mabley's storytelling, proto stand-up comedy routines, packed with playful one-liners, colloquial wordplay, lewd truths, and kindness, come back alive at Arena Players. Arena Players, 801 McCulloh St. (410) 728-6500, arenaplayersinc.com, $15-$20. (Brandon Soderberg)

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