May 26-29: Maryland Deathfest

Now in its 13th year, Maryland Deathfest has become one of the country's biggest festivals dedicated to all types of metal—excluding hair metal, which is fine with us. Every Memorial Day weekend, fans of sludge, crust punk, doom, death, and speed metal congregate in downtown Baltimore walking between multiple venues and drawing side eyes from the square tourists. For a real fun time, stop by the farmer's market under 83 and watch the yuppie parents freak over the legions of metal fans in various leather outfits and corpse paint just trying to score some healthy grub before another day of headbanging to ear splitting tunes from bands like Severe Torture, Skullshitter, and Putrescence. Spread out over three venues including two stages on the Fallsway parking lot, this year's MDDF also has offshoots in bars like The Sidebar. Through sheer determination and not so much cash, the founders have managed to put together yet another awesome weekend with fan favs like Venom and Testament. Baltimore might be known for it's signature club sound and the trippy fun of Dan Deacon, but for one weekend a year it becomes the Mecca for America's worshippers of metal. Baltimore Soundstage (124 Market Place), Ram's Head Live (20 Market Place), and Edison lot (545 N. High St.);, tickets start at $30 for a single day at a single venue to $299 for a four-day all-venue pass. (J.M. Giordano)

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