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  • Field Tripping: Thanksgiving

    Field Tripping: Thanksgiving

    Wow, November was a rough month, and sticking Thanksgiving at the end of it sure didn't help things. I'm all for a day set aside for gratitude—I've got a lot of it for so many things in my life—but Thanksgiving's so wrapped up in ugly histories, it's hard for me to get really pumped for it. At...

  • Field Tripping: Honeymooning

    Field Tripping: Honeymooning

    The ladyfriend and I got hitched at the courthouse on Monday, November 7. The ceremony was two minutes long, streamed live on Facebook, and after a few hours hamming it up for pictures we were happily settled in at Charles Village Pub, our neighborhood bar, eating chicken strips dipped in buffalo...

  • Field Tripping: Bike Lane-ing

    Field Tripping: Bike Lane-ing

    One of my favorite things about riding a bicycle is that every morning starts with a field trip—I hop on my bike and pedal through different neighborhoods, say my how-you-doings to folks, and get to fit in a little exploring on my way down the hill to the bike racks at the University of Maryland...

  • Field Tripping: Queer Interioring

    Field Tripping: Queer Interioring

    My Friday nights usually consist of ordering in and staring at the television—long work weeks will do that to you. I save my fieldtrips for the magic of the Saturday afternoon—I'm rested, and I don't have to start thinking about a new work week quite yet—but when the ladyfriend invited me on a...

  • Field Tripping: Jury Dutying

    Field Tripping: Jury Dutying

    I finally got called for jury duty. This was my second summons in Baltimore, but the first got called off due to that most Baltimore of reasons: a broken water main downtown that closed all the courthouses for days, including my big day as a juror. Most folks would be excited to get to knock out...

  • Field Tripping: National Parking

    Field Tripping: National Parking

    This year the National Park Service celebrates its 100th birthday. This is really, really exciting, especially if you're a national parks buff like myself. I grew up resisting the outdoors—that was my dad's territory, and once my parents divorced, blind loyalty to my mother meant eschewing anything...