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  • Field Tripping: Getting Historic

    I have one of those sweet day jobs where I don’t generally have to be anywhere on Fridays. I schedule all the stuff of life outside the workplace in that day—dentist appointments, therapy, trips to the aquarium to avoid the stickiness of that place on the weekends—but sometimes that pesky work...

  • TrawlerFesting

    Like many a field trip, this one started with the phrase, “well, there’s a coupon,” this one for something called TrawlerFest, to be held down at the Inner Harbor on a late September weekend. I’m pretty much game for anything with “fest” in the title, especially if said fest is half price, so I...

  • Star Spangling

    I feel like I’ve been star-spangled celebrating since I arrived in Baltimore three years ago. My first bike ride was out to Fort McHenry where I found myself actually tearing up a little at the Visitor’s Center film. That part where the star-spangled banner is waving and the song is playing and...

  • Occupy the Past

    Occupy the Past

    Bill Barry's book shows the relevance of the Baltimore Railroad Strike

  • Penny Slots

    A lot of ink has been spilled about the new casino downtown. The folks in charge would have us believe it’s a boon to tourism that will bring classy high rollers to our city to play a gentleman’s game of poker and then enjoy a “famous” chef’s $14 ($13 if you are a  Total Rewards member) crab dip....

  • Up For Debate

    Up For Debate

    A rift in urban debate groups reflects prickly questions about the role of nonprofit groups in minority communities