June 9: Neil Diamond

That gravelly baritone, born of smoking cigarettes with Barbra Streisand in front of Brooklyn’s Erasmus High School, is coming to Baltimore and everywhere around the world. Fifty-two years after Neil Diamond’s first hit, ‘I’m a Believer,’ made Micky Dolenz and The Monkees pop-culture touchstones, they’re calling it the 50th anniversary tour. It coincides with his 76th year on Planet Earth, the gold tour to go with Diamond’s gold records. To recap for just a minute: ‘Cherry Cherry,’ ‘Cracklin’ Rosie,’ ‘Song Sung Blue,’ ‘Sweet Caroline,’ all by 1972. He sang with Shirley Bassey and The Band—at The Last Waltz—because Robby Robertson produced “Beautiful Noise” in 1976. He wrote ‘You Don’t Bring Me Flowers,’ and ‘Red, Red Wine,’ better-known as UB40’s number-one hit. All before Reagan took office. Then ‘Love on the Rocks,’ ‘Hello Again,’ and ‘America,’ which was his grandparents’ immigration story before it was the theme song for Michael Dukakis’ failed presidential campaign in 1988. He kept going. Snubbed for decades by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Diamond got inducted in 2011, about 150 million records after he started out as “a solitary man.” You wonder why a guy like this tours. No way he needs the money, so he must be enjoying himself. You might as well, too. 8 p.m., Royal Farms Arena, 201 W. Baltimore St., (410) 347-2020, royalfarmsarena.com, $39.50-$175. (Edward Ericson, Jr.)

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