June 14: Journey with special guests Asia

If you are a human of a certain age—say, 15 in 1981—then Journey’s ‘Who’s Crying Now’ is seared into your cerebral cortex in a way that makes just about anything that happened when that song was playing come flooding back when you hear it. That can be good, or bad, depending on events and your subsequent perspective on them, just as your feelings about Journey itself—the band’s hypnotic and almost supernatural ability to spin out gem-polished hooks that irritate your hippocampus the same way a pearl irritates an oyster and lead singer Steve Perry’s pitch-perfect falsetto warbling above it all like some kind of Sam Cooke avatar grown inside a sterile laboratory—might shift over a long period. Is this perfection soul, or the definition of soullessness? Does it even matter, decades hence, as the psychic wounds of teen angst (and brute AOR repetition) scar over into something almost wistful? Snubbed (like the similarly slick and polarizing Neil Diamond) for decades by the Rock Hall of Fame, Journey made it this year, and Perry hugged band members he’d not performed with since 1991, then praised Arnel Pineda, his replacement, who came from YouTube and has drawn monster crowds through the last presidential administration. 7:30 p.m., Royal Farms Arena, 201 W. Baltimore St., (410) 347-2020, royalfarmsarena.com, $59.50-$129.50. (Edward Ericson Jr.)

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