June 1-18: "Men on Boats"

Jaclyn Backhaus' "Men On Boats" tells the story of a group of American explorers in the West whose job in 1869 was to map the area around what we now know as the Grand Canyon. The play is based on the journals of John Wesley Powell, one of the explorers, but this seems to be far from a Great White Man celebration of endurance, exploration, and all that other stuff. Rather, the play, directed by Katie Keddell, employs gender-fluid and racially diverse casting to, as Cohesion Theatre Company says on its website, "plac[e] the archetypal explorers on the bodies of those who don’t often get to voice history, and have often been short changed by it." And so, categorize "Men On Boats" as another one of the many compelling, postmodern, meta-historical adjustments to history that flesh out the forgotten and offer a more 360-degree perspective. Cohesion Theatre at United Evangelical Church, 3200 Dillon St., cohesiontheatre.org, $15-$20. (Brandon Soderberg)

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