Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Oh, my god, you guys, the election has happened, and we have to keep moving forward somehow. For some of us that may mean going about this time of year as usual, though with a more pained smile, soaking in the season’s changes, decorating for the holidays, buying gifts, and spending time with family. Some of us may also need to have some difficult conversations with our families (“Did you even read his platform? Did you hear him speak actual nonsense? Have you seen his Twitter?” etc. Dig deep.). If we have any hope left, it is based mostly in the collective power of our communities, so whatever your plans are, hopefully you’re taking care of yourself and others this holiday season. Across the next several pages, City Paper staffers wander through neighborhoods all over Baltimore City, poke our heads into (mostly local, independent) shops and watering holes, and offer you a loose guide for where to go and what to buy. (Rebekah Kirkman)

Photos by J.M. Giordano, Marie Machin, and Reginald Thomas II

  • Gift Guide 2016: Sowebo

    Gift Guide 2016: Sowebo

    Robert Williams says he’s opening a gallery in one of the apartments adjacent to his shop, Umri Siki (1100 Hollins St.). The place is filled with artwork, mostly traditional African carvings, statues, and granary doors ($100 and up), plus posters and advertisements from Jim Crow America. He’s also...

  • Gift Guide 2016: Do Gooders

    Gift Guide 2016: Do Gooders

    Just in case you want to eschew the crass commercialism this year and make a donation to a good cause, we list a few favorites here. American Civil Liberties Union The nonpartisan, non-profit group has called on Donald Trump to reconsider his promises to ban the entry of Muslims into the United...