High Zero: Worlds in Collusion

Many people who say they’re into noisy, drone-y experimental music can’t actually palate it live for hours at a time. Lucky for them, High Zero’s Worlds in Collusion offers experimental music in 30-minute dosages, broken up by traditional music and dance performances. The lineup includes Sapphogeist’s ambient glitch pop, the bizarrely manufactured sounds of John Berndt, the incredible rallying 901 Arts Drumline, mind- and body-bending dance by Talbolt Johnson, genre-blurring rapper/singer/conceptual hip-hop/unclassifiable artist Greydolf, traditional Korean dance from the Maryland Korean Traditional Culture Association, and more. Last year, someone brought his infant son to a harsh noise show at this event, which was cool—gotta get 'em started early. 2-7:30 p.m. July 15-17, University of Baltimore Student Center, 5th floor at 21 Mt. Royal Ave., highzerofoundation.org, free. (Mia Capobianco)

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