Have a Good Cry

Hey. Hey. It's OK. I mean, maybe it's not OK—maybe nothing's OK—but it's OK to run to the bathroom during your family gathering to let out some tears, or just weep directly into your dinner plate or glass of eggnog. That saccarine holiday cheer can be hard to maintain in better times, and this is certainly not better times. If your "alt-right" uncle is grinning too broadly, or god forbid talking politics; or if your nerves are too high to bring your same-gender partner to the family gathering; or if you're missing your friends or family members who have already fled the country before they can be deported; or even if you're just overwhelmed by all the socializing or the race to get everything out of the oven in time to eat—then fuck it, go blast Mariah Carey's 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' and let it out. After all, tears—expressing feelings—can bring people together, and that's what we need right now. Yeah, it'll be weird, but hopefully, at the very least, it'll make your uncle feel bad. (Maura Callahan)

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