Girl Scout Cookies' blurry-brained high is ideal for edibles

Girl Scout Cookies is a rather infamous hybrid of OG Kush and Durban Poison (and, some say, a few other types) and as such offers up a blurry-brained high so mileage may vary. When you smoke Girl Scout Cookies, it's more like Romulan and brings with it a stringy, opiate-esque high. But if you can find some Girl Scout Cookies edibles go that way because eating Girl Scout Cookies offsets some of the flash flood high of smoking it, especially if you don't eat the whole edible or even half of it all at once, which is hard because the fruity taste of the weed works nicely with a cookie or candy taste.

Munching on small pieces of a Girl Scout Cookies edible over the span of a few days, I was privy to a pleasant, energetic high—like being drunk and taking Adderall at the same time. Lots of talking and thinking and just a general excitement about all the things bumping around in my brain. I wanted to do many things and see through a few ideas I kept putting off. A strong strain of weed in an edible, eaten consistently throughout the day, turned out to be ideal. It enabled a foggy sort of clarity about things. (BS)

Strength: 8

Nose: what I imagine "The Beach" cologne from "Seinfeld" might smell like

Euphoria: 6

Existential Dread: 3

Freaking Out When Crazy Person Approaches You: 5

Drink Pairing: water

Music Pairing: Luke Bell, "Luke Bell"

Rating: 7

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