Some of the most exciting and ambitious storytelling going on these days is happening in the world of video game design and video gaming. You'll find a number of immersive and empathy-encouraging games alongside nostalgia riffs and games that border on the avant-garde. All of that is on display at The University of Baltimore's Gamescape, which focuses on original games from auteur-like creators. Among the games this year: “Eggnog,” a “Super Smash Brothers”-esque game about the holiday drink (or something? I don't know man); “Immune Defense,” a strategy game that involves purchasing white blood cells to fight off pathogens (think “Dr. Mario” but a bit more serious); and “Flutter Bombs!,” a physics-based aerial combat game” that works with a number of devices including the Oculus Rift. Also, there are about 30 old school arcade games for Artscape attendees to experience for the first time or return to after a few decades playing the increasingly complex game systems we now have in our homes. July 15-17, H. Mebane Turner Learning Commons, 1415 Maryland Ave.,, free. (Brandon Soderberg)

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