Edward Ericson Jr.


Edward Ericson Jr. has been a reporter since 1987. He as written for the Providence Journal-Bulletin, The Hartford Courant's Northeast Magazine, The Washington Monthly, SPIN, and Harper's, as well as the Orlando Weekly, Detroit Metro Times, and the late, lamented Columbus (Ohio) Guardian and Advocate newsweeklies of Massachusetts and Connecticut. He likes fraudsters, bureaucrats, drug dealers, business titans, cops, scientists, barflies and politicians in equal measure, and finds all of their stories scintillating.

Recent Articles

  • High court strips Club Harem’s defense

    Baltimore bar owners are strictly liable for all the illegal behavior of anyone they employ, whether they knew about it ahead of time or not.  So ruled the Maryland Court of Appeals on Feb. 17, overruling lower courts in a 2014 case from The Block’s Club Harem.  Back then, an undercover vice cop...

  • Murder Ink 2/20/17: 2 murders this week, 47 murders this year

    Murder Ink 2/20/17: 2 murders this week, 47 murders this year

    Two murders in a week is rare news in Baltimore. Police made an arrest in one of them. There were 14 non-fatal shootings, however, including two doubles and a triple. Police also arrested six people for having guns, but none were charged with shootings. Thursday, February 16 12:15 p.m. Iran Timmons,...