“Do Not Resist”

Opens Oct. 28

Craig Atkinson's ambitious documentary about increasing police militarization played at the Maryland Film Festival this year and did more than just confirm what most people in the audience already knew—that the militarization of police is out of fucking control. It seemed to discomfit and upend expectations because its approach is so visceral. Featuring footage from the Baltimore Uprising as well as footage from Ferguson and elsewhere, "Do Not Resist" lacks narration and eschews the conventional "talking head"-style explainers for daring footage of unrest along with vérité scenes from conferences put on by those advocating for more gear and guns for cops. But perhaps the most devastating scene is separate from these national news-covered events: it's a suburban house raided for drugs, the windows busted, the door kicked-in, the family thrown to the ground, for what turns out to be a miniscule amount of pot. The Charles, 1711 N. Charles St., (410) 727-3464, thecharles.com, $9.50. (Brandon Soderberg)

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