Dec. 25: Watch Ravens-Steelers... Even If You Hate Football

Christmas falls on a Sunday this year, and because money never sleeps, the National Football League will go on as scheduled. Your Baltimore Ravens will be traveling to Pittsburgh to take on the dreaded Steelers. Though the Ravens are in the mix to win the AFC North this year, they've been pretty meh so far, playing the kind of football that isn't exactly fun to watch. Who even knows what will unfold between the time this is printed and the game itself. But after hours of idle chit-chat with your relatives and a second go-round with "A Christmas Story" during its 24-hour marathon, the football game will provide a welcome and much-needed Christmas Day distraction, even if you despise professional sports. Suggested topics of conversation to pass the time: What's the deal with Joe Flacco this year? Could Ozzie Newsome please draft a cornerback? What dumb shit is Ray Lewis posting on social media right now? At least we're not the Cleveland Browns, right? 4:30 p.m., in front of a TV with NFL Network, (Brandon Weigel)

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