Dec. 25: Baltimore Chanukah Festival

OK, so this year Chanukah begins on the same day as Christmas, which is kind of cool, if only because it reminds a bunch of people that Christmas isn't what everybody celebrates and that they don't have a monopoly on dates, even Jesus' birthday (which is not Jesus' birthday technically anyway)—all of which feels like it matters a little more this year because Trump supporters are sieg heil-ing and lots of news outlets are normalizing Nazi bullshit, but then again, a whole lot of pro-Israel ideologues voted for Trump—but I digress. Put all that aside and come to McKeldin Square on what lots of Americans call "Christmas Day" for the first day of Chanukah and stick around for children's activities (they start around 2 p.m.), some good eats from the Brooklyn Sandwich Co., live music, and not far away, the lighting of the menorah at 4:30 p.m. Return a couple days later for the Chanukah Parade on Dec. 27. Noon, Inner Harbor,, free. (Brandon Soderberg)

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