The experimental slow jamming duo of Amy Reid and Chase O'Hara is one of the city's most engaging groups making music that falls between a number of subgenres and sounds. The base of it is R&B of the soft-focus, electronic sort of the past few decades—think Miguel, Aaliyah, Zapp, and so—but it also touches on Baltimore club music, ambient music, and occasionally noise and techno. Their most recent EP, “Cocoon,” arrived late last year with a totally insane oh-so-'90s computer game animated music video and the single 'Venerable,' which I described last year as “A maximalist, stitched-together retro-futuristic R&B collage that recalls all of those bizarre, trippy instrumentals that popped up on R&B-pop in the late '80s. Stuff like: Bobby Brown's 'Cruel (Prelude)' and 'Cruel (Reprise)'; Five Star Orchestra's 'First Avenue'; Guy's 'Teddy's Jam'; and Kashif's 'The Mood.' This song is formless in a good way, as if 'Venerable' has too many emotions inside of it to settle on one, so it's gotta skip from one sound to the next to not freak out. Fitting for a song whose sensory and unsure lyrics capture the temporal qualities of love and lust.” 6 p.m. July 17, Johns Hopkins University Station North Stage, Charles Street near North Avenue,, free. (Brandon Soderberg)

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