Best Memento: The chair Obama sat in at Charmington's

2601 N. Howard St., (410) 235-5004,

President Barack Obama visited Charmington’s, a cafe on the border of Charles Village and Remington, back in January. Shortly after he left, someone, Charmington’s managing partner Amanda Rothschild was never sure who, inscribed the back of the chair thusly: “President Barack Obama sat here 1/15/15.” Obama had come to Baltimore to promote his proposal to guarantee paid sick leave for millions of American workers. At Charmington’s he had lunch with Rothschild and others who had been advocating for the policy. The proposal, when we checked in late August, was being advanced cautiously; the president had drafted an executive order that would compel government contractors to offer paid sick leave. Meanwhile, the chairs and tables at Charmington’s have all been replaced since Obama’s visit. Only his chair remains, which makes it easy to find for whoever wants to.

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