Best Fiasco: The Primary Election

There was a certain element of madness during primary election voting this year that, if featured in a Hollywood movie, would seem fake had we not actually lived through it. The day began with reports of an unruly group of people smashing cars outside mayoral candidate Catherine Pugh’s headquarters after they were promised work and told none was to be had (the campaign later found jobs, somehow). Other reports indicated that several polling places were opening late, prompting attorney Billy Murphy to appear before a judge on behalf of Senate candidate Donna Edwards to ask for an extension of voting hours. As this was happening, there was a fire across the street, causing the hearing to be moved outside, near City Hall. After The Sun’s Justin Fenton tried to film the proceedings—rightly pointing out that everyone was now on a public sidewalk—the judge, attorneys, and election officials all moved into the courthouse’s garage space. There, the judge ruled four polling places could stay open for an hour. Several weeks after the votes were tallied and a winner was seemingly declared, the state decertified the results and conducted a precinct-by-precinct review, extending the wild ride even longer. Here’s hoping November is a breeze by comparison.

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