Aug. 3: Deftones, Refused

Arena-sized alt-art rock from the late ‘90s does a nostalgia lap. For the Deftones, one of those hard rock bands that snuck through during the nu-metal explosion even though they didn't have much to do with nu-metal (not that there's anything wrong with nu-metal) and were more of a kind of proggy atmospheric art-metal band, it's touring off the ongoing critical reappraisal of 2000's "White Pony," and their new album, "Gore," released in April. For Swedish anti-capitalist punks with hella ambition Refused, it's mostly based on the reputation of 1998's "The Shape Of Punk To Come" a dead-serious, atmospheric, agitprop hardcore masterpiece and the group's final album before breaking up that same year. They reunited in 2012 and did some big deal shows and they even put out an album last year, called "Freedom" and well, it's a Refused album made 17 years after their last one—that's about all I can say. None of that new stuff will matter much when you’re screaming along to ‘New Noise.’ Quick, moderately cool anecdote: One time I DJ'd a punk house dance party and mixed DJ Class' 'Tear Da Club Up' into 'New Noise,' and the kids loved it. That song's so huge it can follow Baltimore club. 7:30 p.m., Pier 6 Pavilion, 731 Eastern Ave., (410) 783-4189,, $48.75-$58.75. (Brandon Soderberg)

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