“1-800 MICE”

Nov. 25-Dec. 18

Comix artist Matthew Thurber's series "1-800 Mice" (most easily accessible as a collection put out by the now-defunct Picturebox in 2011) focuses on Volcano Park, an about-to-figuratively-blow-up metropolis, drawn in a cartoony, closed-circuit fervidly dashed-off style and full of half-animal, half-human characters mostly in crisis. Its Dada gag strip approach and world-building weirdness make it in some ways, an ideal undertaking by the Annex, though exactly how all this'll end up on the stage is hard to predict and will be presumably part of the fun of going. At the Prints and Multiples Fair earlier this year, there was a performance of "Groin Wrong" by Matthew Thurber's Mrs. William Horsley, a handmade puppet show and music scene/culture parody, so this adaptation by Carly J. Bales and Sarah Jacklin is but another chance to see Thurber's work manifested as drama right in front of your face. Baltimore Annex Theater, 219 N. Park Ave., (410) 925-4703, baltimoreannextheater.org, $15. (Brandon Soderberg)

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