The new one from Baltimore's Sam Ray

The new one from Baltimore's Sam Ray aka Ricky Eat Acid is distracted, tangential, ambient music, made not for airports or films à la some big-brain composer-type like Brian Eno, but for the wonderfully quotidian (song titles include "Driving Alone Past Roadwork at Night" and "In Rural Virginia; Watching Glowing Lights Crawl from the Dark Corners of the Room"). Three Love Songs, then, encourages a weed-friendly hobby right up there with playing video games: locating a little chunk of pretty cool beauty in the regular-ass.

The Taj Mahal Travellers, Terry Riley, and Tim Hecker (and oh man, probably plenty of other hypno-droning journeymen whose names don't start with the letter T) all come to mind while Three Love Songs reverberates around in your brain. And then there's baked banger "In My Dreams We're Almost Touching," looping a hammy, haunted Drake lyric ("My only wish is I die real, my only wish is I die real, my only wish is I die real, my only wish is I die real. . . ") around psychedelic house production ideal for throwing your hands in the air while a spliff's stuck between your fingers.

And look, this writer isn't saying that one night a few weeks ago he got super-high on some Golden Goat and walked his dog listening to Three Love Songs in headphones and oh man was this shit gorgeous and scary and gorgeous again, but he's not saying he didn't get super-high and walk his dog listening to this thing, either, you feel me? And if you wanna get on cloudy, ambient journeyman Ricky Eat Acid's even-trippier level, then let us remind you that April 19, just one day before 4/20, celebrates the day in 1943 that Dr. Albert Hoffman discovered lysergic acid diethylamide, also known as LSD. Just saying.

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