Just when I though Scrooge was dead... The letter from Larnell Custis Butler was without a doubt the nastiest, meanest garbage I have ever seen.

Boy, just when I though Scrooge was dead. . . . The letter from Larnell Custis Butler (The Mail, Dec. 4) was without a doubt the nastiest, meanest garbage I have ever seen.

This creature seems to think that these organizations are working with huge amounts of money. I am not sure if she has any clue about the lives that have been helped. She is typical of people that are never satisfied.

I have personally done volunteer work at the Salvation Army on Patapsco Avenue, where they take in some 40 people. They house them, teach them a work ethic (which many people do not have), cloth them, feed them, and help them with attaining work and getting housing when the people being helped are ready to move on.

The Salvation Army can't do everything, but they do believe this: "It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness." This creature believes if you can't give everyone a candle, don't give one to anybody.

Chris Collins


I read and reread the letter written by Larnell Custis Butler. While I do agree with some of her opinionated opinions, I do not totally agree with her opinions. Who say that the "blacks" are in charge of who sleeps where, the locality of where they sleep?

I was incensed by the homelessness article ("Gimme Shelter," Feature, Nov. 13) that featured one of my oldest nephews, Darryl Nelson, the big guy, over 300 pounds and more than 6 feet tall. His homelessness came from him, by him. I am his oldest aunt. He has a living, a mother and father, brothers, additional aunts and uncles and cousins. There is no need to be out in the cold nor the heat. The article did not insinuate that a "black" man or woman was in charge of his outcome.

We as people are in charge of our own destiny. I read where one mother called her daughter to ask if she may spend the night, but because her husband said that it would increase the water bill (due to the fact that mom likes taking long hot showers), the answer was "no." What?! Really!?

I do agree with Butler that these organization are too full of themselves. They are dangling a key to door number one. If you answer quickly, then you may enter their domain-but under their rules, subject to any type of treatment from the other homeless people and staff members that are employed by the shelter that you may encounter.

I consider them to be and think that they are the new slave masters, rather than the "new black slaves," as Butler calls them. "I have mine, you got to get yours," so to get speak. It has always been stated that we are one of the richest nations, but you cannot tell, with all the homelessness, murder, rape, and robberies that occur daily in the state of Maryland and the city of Baltimore, any and all zip codes.

I hope we as people get it and stop trying to cover it up. The damn blanket is not large enough for all of us!

Monica Taylor-Clowney


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