Just before midnight on Friday, Nov. 1, police shut down a concert at Summa

Just before midnight on Friday, Nov. 1, police shut down a concert at Summa (formerly Coward Shoe, 322 Howard St.) which was to feature Ed Schrader, Roomrunner, White Life, and Uplift Mofos covering other artists. During Uplift Mofos' set, police entered the venue, required everyone there to vacate the premises, and arrested City Paper contributing photographer Noah Scialom. The "Statement of Probable Cause" against Scialom seems to contradictorily describe him as "in the vestibule" and blocking "the narrow sidewalk" at the same time. It also notes that Scialom was found with "suspected marihuana" during the booking process.

Scialom, who took the photo below of an officer he identified as Sergeant Wilson just before the arrest, maintains that he was on the sidewalk taking pictures at the time.

"I consciously said to myself that I am safe, because I am on public property," he wrote in a firsthand account on the CP website (read the whole thing at citypaper.com/scialom). "Sgt. Wilson was moving about, telling people to leave, standing about five feet away from me. I took a few quick photos of him, understanding from his rather tense jaw that he did not like it. He said nothing directly to me. I turned to my left and took another photograph of an officer standing by the fence, at which point I was, without warning, violently taken to the ground by Sgt. Wilson and my camera flew from my hand and bounced on the pavement."

The Sun 's Justin Fenton, who first obtained the "Statement of Probable Cause," was told by police that they raided Coward Shoe because "organizers were operating as an illegal 'bottle club' in violation of state law."

The sweep comes after two earlier raids of another DIY venue, the Broom Factory Factory ("Whose Cops Are These?," Mobtown Beat, Sept. 11).

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