More power to the people, and to Mr. Wrong.

Mr. Wrong ("Tipping Point," Mr. Wrong, Oct. 23) is so right.

Tipping service workers should include a modicum of empathy. No, it is not a hard-and-fast rule, but a matter of being in accord with those around us, knowing we need one another.

That said, here's a tip for any new owners of "our" Baltimore City Paper: Keep Joe MacLeod on board. He is quintessential Baltimore, and his columns read like the poor-man/woman's New Yorker magazine. More power to the people, and to Mr. Wrong.

Leslie Robin Kassal


Rankled Rankings Let's take them one at a time ("Baltimore City Power Rankings," Mobtown Beat, Oct. 23):

1. Vi Ripken: You go, girl!!!!

2. Chris Van Hollen: Please don't go overboard on him. I didn't hear him say democracy was suspended when Senate majority leader Harry Reid pulled a flim-flam to pass the Affordable Care Act with a simple majority instead of the required 61 votes, which he would never get. Let's face it, democracy is alive in both houses of Congress. It's often ugly but it's never been suspended.

3. Heather Mizeur: She has an uphill battle because there will not be a deal between the powers that be and the black clergy for the gay vote this time around. African-Americans will vote black before gay in the primary.

4. Local 333: It is just a union and unions exist to stifle creativity and promote mediocrity.

5. BCDC: How come everyone has gone quiet about this one? No real heads have rolled and the top people-Governor O'Malley and corrections secretary Gary Maynard-seem to be untouchable. It would seem that the fix is in.

C.D. Wilmer


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