There are no really good or authentic burrito or taco places in central Baltimore

Mexican Delight

400 W. Lexington St.,

If there is one thing central Baltimore lacks, it is Mexican food. There is the high-end Mari Luna and the corporate Chipotle, and a number of bars that offer a quesadilla or burrito, but there are no really good or authentic burrito or taco places. But of course, the "World-Famous" Lexington Market has everything. Not only can you get muskrat or raccoon at Faidley's, or the newest line of WMD heroin on the street out front, but you can also get burritos and tacos at Mexican Delight. We started with the steak fajita burrito ($7.78). The fajitas were almost more like a hash (the hillbilly in us thinks "venison hash" but our more urbane dining companion balked), chopped far finer than most fajitas so that with the onions and the juicy black beans it created a roux-y like sauce that soaked well into the rice and the tortilla. We got it with the works: cheese, salsa, lettuce, tomato, and jalapeños. Guacamole was 95 cents extra. It was a monstrous meal and, while it wasn't great, it didn't disappoint, adding some serious fajita flavor with some spice. The veggie burrito, which we got with yellow rice and a whole-wheat tortilla ($4.95), didn't actually have any vegetables, so maybe it is better called "no meat." It was heavy on the rice, but the rice was good and fresh, as was the tortilla (whole-wheat tortillas can be so stiff). We finished the meal off with some chicken fajita tacos. Like the steak, the chicken was finely diced and flavorful, and the corn tortillas fresh. Nothing was half as good as the taco joints in Fells Point, but for the center of town, it felt like a fiesta. And it was enough food that we left feeling a little more gordo.

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