Lauren Brick

Visual artist and MICA grad Lauren Brick (maybe you saw her brilliant Akira-inspired poster for cross-dressing Lil Wayne-like rapper Mykki Blanco's March show at the Metro Gallery) has a pretty interesting personal Tumblr that houses descriptions of weird dreams, random cool shit from the internet, post-ironic selfies, and occasionally her knotty, witty digital art. But she also has a Tumblr displaying her fingernail-painting prowess: complex, hypnotic patterns (one recreates the logo of the Crown, the Charles North bar) and splashy colors ambitiously applied to her and her friends' nails. A Fourth of July-themed paint job recalls the American flag with a menacing red-orange tip, as if the flag is on fire. Brick captioned the photo with, "Happy Independence Day ~ assassinate everyone!" She's the coolest, most exclusive manicurist around.

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