Wham City

Prince, who recently joined Twitter and quickly became the best Tweeter on planet Earth, sent out a Guardian top 10 list of reasons to use your mobile (for you non-Anglophiles out there, that is how the Brits say cellphone) at a show, to which he added the retort: "oNE rEASON Y tHIS LIST sUX . . . hANG ON lEMME tAKE tHIS CALL 1ST." What neither Prince nor The Guardian seem to realize is that local arts collective Wham City has changed this from a nuisance to artists to something fans and performers alike can enjoy. Their app, Wham City Lights, turns iPhones, iPads, and Androids in the crowd into a visual spectacle of colors that flash along with the song being played. It is a breathtaking sight to see. Here's hoping the likes of Prince get on board.

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