Bengies Drive-In

3417 Eastern Blvd., (410) 687-5627,

If you've been to the Bengies Drive-In (if you haven't, shame on you), you know D. Vogel, the owner, likes to get on the microphone to let you in on the movies you're going to be seeing, along with everything that's going on in his world, the world of the Bengies, which is all about having the biggest screen in America that presents movie images completely uncropped. You know all about how they don't serve Coke or Pepsi because it's too expensive, so they serve a special cola, Bengie Cola, the syrup provided locally, especially for the Bengies, and you know that the nearby Royal Farms store, with which the Bengies has been joined in protracted legal battle, throws light and noise pollution across the street with the potential to ruin an amazing American drive-in movie experience. So, a night at the Bengies can get you into a weird mindset, not exactly Stockholm syndrome, but definitely a sort of Siege syndrome, hyper-aware of the increasingly rare experience you enjoy here, and ready to throw down with anyone or anything threatening it. We don't even care what's playing. Long live the Bengies, and turn off your damn headlights.

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