The Senator Theatre

5904 York Road,

The Senator Theatre has undergone a reported $3.5 million in renovations, with the new owners adding three screens to the original one dating back to 1939. Come October, it's finally due once again to throw open its doors and light up the screens-with an added bonus: the right to sell alcohol. This is all good news, and hopefully will cap an era of contentiousness over the theater's fate, fueled by its former owner, the inimitable Tom Kiefaber, who's been banned from setting foot in his former business. John Waters' Hairspray will be screened for the Oct. 10 opening night-25 years after its Senator premiere-and next up is the Tom Hanks thriller Captain Phillips. Here's hoping that the reopened theater's film-presentation capabilities uphold the persnickety standards set by Kiefaber, who, despite his disturbingly pointy elbows, always managed to keep the old Senator on the top of the technology game.

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