Wall Hunters

Wall Hunters is not only this year's best street art but it is some of the best art we've seen all year. Over a dozen different artists, both local and international, used the ugliest aspects of our city's ruined urban landscape as a canvas this summer. Under the direction of street-artist Nether and housing activist Carol Ott, the project packed a hell of a political wallop. But its aesthetic impact was just as powerful, as neighborhoods far from the centers of the city's artistic culture suddenly found themselves hosting artists such as Gaia, Tefcon, Stefan Ways, Doom, and LNY. The work of these artists incorporate both the blight of the vacant buildings on which they are hung and the vibrancy of the people still living in the houses around them, ultimately turning the aesthetics of street art into a kind of urban evangelism that the visiting artists are likely to bring back to their own cities.

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