Joyce J. Scott

In the past year, how many Baltimore artists exhibited at the Venice Biennale? Participated in the Prospect 2 Exhibition in New Orleans? Starred in a documentary film and a PBS special? Or were awarded the prestigious Renwick Award from the Smithsonian? The answer is one, but she's one in a million. Joyce J. Scott has been an art-world superstar for decades, with museum exhibitions since the 1970s, including the immensely popular Kickin' It with the Old Masters solo show at the BMA in 2000. Her work has been collected by the Met, the Smithsonian, the American Craft Museum, the Corcoran, the BMA, and Yale University, so it's safe to say she's found a level of success few local artists ever will. Unlike many creative professionals who mellow with age and soften with fame, Scott's work has become more savage and more achingly beautiful as she evolves.

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