"Pussy ATe," by TT the Artist

There isn't a creative scene in Baltimore that TT the Artist hasn't had an impact on. That's mostly due to a nonstop motor of productivity and her experimentation with the music she's been releasing over the past few years. Just this year, she's found herself on a Diplo mix with "Dat a Freak" and was featured in a mini-doc about Baltimore Club by VICE magazine called "Life at 130 BPM." Carrying momentum, this summer she struck gold with her club music-tinged, Murder Mark-produced track "Pussy Ate." The song's vulgarity serves as some sort of liberation for women in places like the Ottobar or Floristree where, upon first hearing, they have an embarrassed grin that quickly leads to all-night dancing. "Pussy Ate" wasn't just a local hit either-clubs in Brooklyn and Philly also fit the jam into their rotations this summer.

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