83 Cutlass

We consume rap in mostly one way at this point: the internet. So if rappers aren't on social media networks biggin' themselves up around the clock, you won't hear them. That's probably why 83 Cutlass' self-titled debut mixtape was easily breezed by. The self-produced project, with sounds ranging from boom bap hip-hop drums to guitar riffs, could double as a punk record as it chronicles 83's vulnerabilities in a dark swirl of a cappella confessionals like "Fi-Minutes to 5" and "High Horse Can't Be Handled," doses of brutal honesty like his dissatisfaction with the father he is to his children, and his continued struggle with drugs. The standout is "My Grandmother's Basement," where he spits with an unmatched fire about being stuck in the same space since he was an early teen. This kind of transparency in rap is sadly nearing extinction.

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