David's 1st and 10 Sports Bar

3626 Falls Road, (410) 662-7779

Ever feel a bit stumped by life? Get caught wondering what to do with your time on this pale blue dot? Wander over to David's 1st and 10 Sports Bar and you will find motivation. The mural, a menagerie of Baltimore sports icons, is a testament to the power of believing in yourself, despite all evidence to the contrary. Cal Ripken Jr. stepping to the plate looks like it was drawn by a 5-year-old who believes Ripken played with rickets. The life model for the Ray Lewis portrait may have been Emmanuel Lewis. And the scene from the Super Bowl? Dear God! Little Ray Rice is nearly three times the size of Joe Flacco, and apparently their jersey numbers were tattooed on their abdomens. Just one look will leave you marveling at the power of the human spirit and firmly believing you've got what it takes to be a professional artist.

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