Butt's and Betty's Tavern

2200 Gough St., (410) 276-9186

OK, sure: When you want to take your wife/special someone out, there's always tired standbys like romantic dinners or artisanal cocktails. But if you really want to have a casually fabulous time, head over to upper Fells Point and take over Butt's and Betty's pool table. The cold draft beers and liberally poured whiskeys are easy on the wallet, and the jukebox provides a smorgasbord of classic rock (AC/DC, Led Zeppelin) and contemporary nonsense (uh, the Tings Tings' "That's Not My Name") to soundtrack an evening of laughs and fist pumps after sinking that banked eight into the corner pocket. Plus, the memory of your wife excusing a missed shot with "I was distracted by Rush" lasts forever.

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