Brews and Board Games Happy Hour

Fourth Tuesday of every month, the Windup Space, 12 W. North Ave., (410) 244-8855,

Mostly, happy hours are about shoving cheap food and booze into your food-and-booze hole. There are drink specials to be had at Brews and Board Games Happy Hour, held monthly at the Windup Space, but there is also a much greater sense of community and, to be honest, much more fun at hand. Organizers bring a slew of titles, new and old, to choose from, and the convivial mood fosters an environment where total strangers sit down and enjoy a game of Power Grid, Risk, or Scrabble-just to name a few-with each other (if you have a great game at home, feel free to bring it). As if that wasn't enough, host Martine Richards hands out Cheap Ass Prizes (and some good ones too) to anybody who wins a round. Even if you don't leave with one of those, it's hard to walk away feeling like you've lost anything.

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