Sláinte Irish Pub

1700 Thames St., (410) 563-6600,

In this age of mixologists, why doesn't the poor Bloody Mary get any love? Maybe it's because the Bloody Mary is the official drink of the alcoholic, traditionally consumed after a hard night of libations. But one sip of the red drink served up by a bleary-eyed bartender by the name of Nate is to fall in love. Oh, how it sits there, with just the right pepper injection dancing with that vodka. Even the celery defies its useless rep and gives the drink an earthy tone. How does he do it? He's not gonna say. So shut your mouth and ponder the oddballs sitting next to you in their Liverpool scarves so early in the morning, and think, You know, this drinking-in-the-morning thing isn't so bad. After all, ain't there a little alcoholic in all of us?

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