13th Floor

1 E. Chase Street. (410) 347-0880, 13floorbelvedere.com

Let's face it: A $35 shot is a $35 shot is a $35 shot. No matter what, you're going to lay down 35 hard-earned dollars for the privilege, so you might as well drink it someplace nice. For our money, we prefer the 13th Floor of the Belvedere Hotel. Ask for a table by the windows so you can take in the view at dusk (sit at the bar when you're drinking the cheap stuff). Tell the server "Johnnie Blue"; they'll know what you mean. Take a sip and run your fingers over the velvet upholstery. Take another and watch the city lights come on. Put your feet up if you want. Now order a second round. Nobody said you could only have one.

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