3 Miles House

2701 Miles Ave., (410) 235-4275

As the Remington neighborhood catches on, it's the little things right under our noses that we appreciate. Hidden on the corner of 27th Street and Miles Avenue, the 3 Miles House is our go-to for a cold can of Natty Boh or a glass of jug wine. Operated by Jack and Anne Norris for the past 11 years, the bar is the de facto family room of the surrounding blocks. Everyone stops in to see "Mr. Jack" and "Miss Anne," and as long as they're there, have a drink and buy a lottery ticket. Sit on a stool for even a minute, and Missy the bar cat will curl up in your lap. Christmas tree ornaments hang from the ceiling year-round. The patio, decorated with plastic flowers, is an urban oasis. And the restroom? Cleaner than you can believe.

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