The Friendly Harford House

7509 Harford Road, (410) 444-6712

The Friendly Harford House is one of those bars people drive by and wonder what it's like inside. And they've had plenty of opportunity-the place is over 100 years old. What they should do is go in. It's the quintessential dive bar: just dark enough without being too dark, just loud enough without being too loud. The imitation-wood Formica bar imitates the imitation-wood paneling on the walls. Peanut shells crunch underfoot, and the Orioles or Ravens always seem to be on the TVs. Astoundingly cheap draft beer comes in 9-, 16- or 22-ounce glasses, served by women named Stubbie, Trish, and Germaine-together they've logged half a century behind the bar. "The customers give us shit and we give it right back," says Stubbie. "We're just like a family."

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