Bmore Heating and Cooling

2978 Sollers Point Road, (443) 986-3904,

We love an up-and-comer. The young Helgi Nelson Jr. is the new kid on the block when it comes to HVAC, but he just might end up owning said block in the future. He just launched his business earlier this year and already has been getting the highest marks for keeping you cool when you want to be cool and warm when you want to be warm. And he's top-notch in customer service, i.e., getting back to you. Since most of our other service calls are farmed out to answering services, his polite manner and one-man operation got to us. He's a scrapper on the way up. Oh yeah, he also does personal check-in calls with his clients at the beginning of winter and summer, and will talk you through small maintenance if necessary. When he gets back in his truck all alone, all we can think of is "go get 'em, kid."

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