Ecolistic Cleaning

We'll just admit it: We are fucking slobs. The moldy coffee cup on the desk? Yep, that's ours. The obscene number of Boh and Union cans laying around, waiting to recycle themselves? Yup. The overflowing ashtrays smoldering with each new butt? Uh-huh. Well, that's why, at home, we have Ecolistic Cleaning, which uses only eco-friendly cleaning products and does all the stuff we never even think to do-like dust. And Jane Vincent, the Baltimore manager (there is also a division in Delaware), with her purple hair and love of heavy music, hires MICA students so that they can, you know, make enough money to do art and stuff. We know, it's kind of like that episode of Portlandia where Aimee Mann ends up cleaning the yuppies' house, but if we need help in this regard-and we do-we'd rather give our money to people we also like. Besides, just knowing that they're coming makes us clean up a little bit and hide anything that might be embarrassing.

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