JericHo Candle and Herb Company

529 W. Lexington St., (410) 539-2456

To get your mojo rising, head down to Jericho Candle and Herb Company and stock up on incense, peppermints, and all other types of metaphysical juju. This dusty, musty, and slightly creepy store has it all. Need to put a spell on a special? Take your pick from a wall of incense, some in aerosol cans. In search of a love potion No. 9? Try liquid ginseng or special candles to help get your groove on. There are glass canisters filled with herbs, and wooden barrels filled with God knows what. Feeling unlucky? Buy a horseshoe or exotic amulet. There's even a scary cat on the premises. Alas, no voodoo dolls of SRB.

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