Su Casa

901 S. Bond St., (410) 522-7010,

Home trends-say, cardboard antlers or ombré-arrive as quickly and last about as long as any internet meme, but they aren't all terrible. Frankly, anything that gets you out of your hand-me-down, Ikea-decorated funk is a good thing, and Su Casa down near the water offers up a treasure trove of homey trappings that help put your personality in your home even if it means wading through silly ice cube trays that make silly ice cube shapes. They carry sharp organizational tools for your home office, with less bells and whistles and more style; clever kitchen gadgets and attractive replacements for your crappy necessities, like plates, glasses, and dish towels; cool kids' items; even cooler additions to a bathroom; and mirrors, picture frames, and pillows, all in the latest hot designs.

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