3600 Clipper Mill Road, (443) 438-4846,

For apartment-dwelling homebrewers contending with roommates who don't want their kitchen co-opted for wort-boiling, Nepenthe is the answer. Here, you can buy ingredients for every style you can cook up-from smoked porter to a cherry-infused sour-and you can brew on their stainless-steel system, which is a nice option for neophytes. (Prices are based on level of experience and include post-brew cleanup and two weeks of fermentation time in Nepenthe's cold room.) The Hampden couple who opened this spacious homebrew oasis were compelled to do so by a dearth of brewing outlets close to the city, and they've stocked their store accordingly, carrying both liquid and dry yeasts, hop varieties grown everywhere from Oregon to New Zealand, almost 50 types of malt, and wine-making equipment too. It's truly a shop to toast to.

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