Mount Vernon Tobacco

221 W. Read St., (410) 728-5669

You kids don't know nuthin'! Vaporizors? E-cigarettes? Fancy hookahs? That ain't smoking. REAL smoking is clamping a Romeo y Juliet Churchill between your lips while taking in the back nine at Clifton Park. In our day, smoking didn't involve wimpy little whirring sounds and glowing nightlights at the end of your cigs. That's why we love Mount Vernon Tobacco. Owned by a tough old dude named Ray, the only thing you get here are good ol' cigars and great customer service. It's a tight selection with reasonable prices, and if you're new to the leaf, Ray might soften up and walk you through your tastes. You'll find everything from Comachos to a good selection of house-rolled numbers in this little shop. But what you won't find are faddish fake-smoking implements. Talk about vapes in his store and he'll throw you out on your ass. Punks.

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