3534 Chestnut Ave., (410) 844-3015,

The retail and restaurant success-plosion on Hampden's 36th Street shows no sign of slowing, and now it's gushing out of both ends of 36th, a well-irrigated furrow of commerce seeping onto Falls Road to the west and Chestnut Avenue to the east, where-perhaps while stretching your legs après-curated cocktail, craft beer, or satiating meal at one of the area's increasingly upscale eateries-you may find yourself climbing the stairs to Bazaar, a tidy temple of unsettling objets d'art, many suitable for display at the Mütter Museum: Fetal animals preserved in jars, arresting medical illustrations of disfiguring skin afflictions, and all manner of taxidermied creatures waiting for you to take them home, shopping-trophy reminders of the shortness of life after your latest bourgie bounce down "The Avenue."

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