El Suprimo Records

s1709 Aliceanna St., (443) 226-9628

Dub plates: A lot of people don't know what that means, but Jack Moore of El Suprimo Records sure as hell does. Throw back the time machine to the golden era of vinyl and bring your own beverage to explore this gem of a record store. The shop's current centerpiece is the Presto 6N dubplate-cutting machine. This machine is precious, and the Presto 6N harkens back to the Sam Phillips' Sun Studio recordings from the mid-1950s. Dubplates are the aluminum master plates for pressing records for mass production. Jack has committed to restoring the machine to its original glory. What that means to you is that one day very soon you will be able to cut your own record right in the store. Aside from that, the store is a museum, a shrine of sorts, to all things cool, sporting over 13,000 records, LPs, 45's, 78's, plus turntables, and guitars too, all under one roof,. Carve out some me-time and check this place out.

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