In Watermelon Sugar

3555 Chestnut Ave., (410) 662-9090,

You've been invited to Aunt Jennifer's house for Thanksgiving for the 10th year running. By now you've gotten your aunt every crab-themed, Old Bay-flavored tchotchke this side of Towson. What to do? High-tail it down to In Watermelon Sugar in Hampden for funky and affordable gifts that are fun to shop for. Recent finds include hand-painted wrapping paper, neon-pink owl-shaped throw pillows, and-our favorite-authentic Turkish linen hamam towels perfect for the beach. The best part: You needn't spend more than $25 to impress Aunt Jennifer. In Watermelon Sugar stocks enough cool stuff to make you embarrassed that you even thought of buying another crustacean-shaped Christmas ornament.

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